Is the voice the window to the psyche?

This workshop looks at how your client’s voice reflects what they are feeling and who they have become.
Our posture and how we hold ourselves is a direct result of our history and life experience; body type is a result of the environment we grow up in.
We will explore a range of voice qualities and the ways in which posture, body type, and body tension impact on emotion and in turn affect the voice.
In addition, participants will gain an increased awareness of communication difficulties such as stammering and dysphonia.

Voice is as unique as a fingerprint; voice and emotion are inextricably linked. This workshop explores what they mean for you and your client. The day will also address communication problems such as stammering, aphasia and hearing impairment and their implications for the counselling process.

Jon Cooper, Psychotherapist

Pippa Wilson, Voice Coach and Speech & Language Therapist


…just wished the day would have been longer!!
there was alot of food for thought
I liked the content and the approach