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Hypnotic trance is an ancient, natural and easy way of achieving a state of relaxation that will enable you to be guided to explore those thoughts, memories, bodily sensations and feelings that lie below your everyday consciousness that could be holding you back from reaching your goals. Think of an iceberg to imagine just how much lies submerged below the surface of your conscious mind.

When you go into a trance, you can bypass your conscious thought processes and talk directly to that part of your mind which normally lies hidden – the unconscious mind. We will work together – using a variety of therapeutic tools and techniques – to safely open the necessary channels to your unconscious mind so you can begin to fix, heal and progress.

If you are looking for a clinical hypnotherapist serving the St Albans and Hertfordshire area, then take a moment to see how my service can help you. Perhaps you are someone who wants to successfully overcome anxiety, stress, fears and phobias, panic attacks, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, low self-esteem, bereavement or loss. Perhaps, there is something else the matter.

I am a fully trained and professionally insured hypnotherapist holding both the Hypnotherapy Diploma and the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma. I also have certificates in hypnotherapy for the treatment of trauma and EMDR and am registered with the National Hypnotherapy Council. I originally trained as a Registered Mental Nurse and have an MSc in Health and Social Policy.

The fact that you are looking for a clinical hypnotherapist means you have already recognised the potential of your own mind and you are beginning to move forward.

Fee: £50 per hour

Fee reduction: available for those with special circumstances.

Location: The Albany Centre.

For further information and details, view my website and give me a call/email me for a free consultation.