Introducing a brand new certification for counsellors and therapists

Rapid, Gentle Resolution

of Trauma and Beyond

A Full Practitioner Certification* over 4 x 2-day trainings

Locations: The Albany Centre, St Albans and The Love Lane Healing Space, Kings Langley, Herts.

Dates  (Wed-Thu, 10-5:30pm each day):
12-13 Sep 2018, 24-25 Oct 2018, 9-10 Jan 2019, 27-28 Feb 2019

(Super early bird offer expires 9th July)

In association with The Albany Centre we are excited to be offering a full certification training to professionals in a leading edge technique that is creating a lot of excitement in our field.

It is called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) (aka “Tapping”) and growing numbers of counsellors and therapists are adding this to their toolkit to help make accelerated but gentle progress with their clients.

This method works gently, quickly and organically to facilitate deep psychological change and has been found to be evidence-based for depression, anxiety and PTSD, although it is being used in an unlimited number of other ways to help other issues.

Cognitive changes occur naturally and rapidly as emotions and feelings release and transform.  Its users usually experience shifts occurring in the timescale of minutes.

This will be a life-changing course for you personally and for your clients, taking place across just 4 training sessions of 2 days, with gaps in between to practice.

This method will help your clients to release trauma deeply, identify and work with core issues, and much more – as well as give you a tool you can teach them to handle life stress on a daily basis.

(*There is an option to gain formal qualification after completing certification requirements).

Find out more about this upcoming training here.