An opportunity to learn Transcendental Meditation in October 2017 at the Albany Centre (starting Sunday 8th October 11am).

TM, which derives from Vedic science, is a mantra-based technique for releasing deep-rooted stress from the body.

This is not a concentration technique, we are not trying to control the mind or thoughts. The role of the mantra, which is a vibration, is to find finer states of itself as this happens, the mind will reach that inner silence and deep rest is experienced. This deep rest experienced we call transcendental consciousness which is deeper than sleep but yet still conscious. In this state the body will naturally release stress; the benefits from this practice are numerous.

While mindfulness deals with the symptons of stress, TM dissolves the stress held in the nervous system.

All mental health illness and physical illness such as heart disease and skin disorders are caused by stress in the body. Over the past 60 years, TM has transformed the lives of millions of people as it is so effective in releasing stress it allows us to achieve our full potential.

For more information and to book a place on the course visit our website:

Or call the teacher Martin Greig (07968 800340)

We are a UK registered charity offering affordable courses in Transcendental Meditation.










Debunking Gender (The Trouble with Transgender)

Held on Saturday 14th May 2016

This was a unique experience for you to explore gender identity with a therapist, Madison-Amy Webb, who lives beyond the gender binary.

“To say that I am impressed with Madison’s ‘Debunking Gender & Gender Migration’ training is an understatement. I was very captivated with the information that was presented. It was a great combination of content and instruction very thought-provoking. Anyone and everyone can benefit from attending this training. Thank you so much for a great learning experience Madison & Tina!”

Marina, Counselling Diploma student