At The Albany Centre we are always looking to provide training courses to help your professional and personal development, whether you are a trainee or qualified counsellor or psychotherapist.

See below for our current list of professional courses, click on the course titles to get more information on the courses that interest you. Other courses are featured below and right (you can always put in a request to be informed when a course is next scheduled).

Current and Recent Courses:

About The Bodies: Embodiment in the Therapeutic Relationship

Certificate in Embodied Therapeutic Practice – beginning Sept 2019

“..the lived body cannot be understood apart from the system ‘‘mind–body–world.’’ Where there is a body, there is a personal world, an opening upon the world which is unique.”

Jennifer Burlington.

Each of us has a unique embodiment and it is through our embodiment that we are shaped by experience and come to know ourselves, each other and the world. Body psychotherapy offers a route to this opening to the world by addressing our embodiment directly with a range of understandings and practices that can in-form and extend your work with your clients. This experientially and theoretically alive course will offer an opportunity to integrate some of what body psychother-apy has to offer. We will consider ways of being in and understanding the thera-peutic relationship as an embodied relational phenomena where we learn to make more use of our felt experience. All bodies and modalities are welcome

Certificate in Clinical Supervision

This course is designed for experienced counsellors from a variety of theoretical backgrounds and specialisms who would like to develop the skills and knowledge to become competent clinical supervisors.

The course will consist of […]

Full Professional Diploma in Counselling

Train to be a counsellor at The Albany Centre! You can join this course as a beginner having completed an Introduction to Counselling Course or you can join our second year if you have done more than a year elsewhere or some people join our third year having already qualified elsewhere and wishing to have the benefit of a years intensive skills development and help in setting in practice please click through for further information….

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Courses that we have previously held:

Voice and Emotion

Is the voice the window to the psyche? This workshop looks at how your client’s voice reflects what they are feeling and who they have become. Our posture and how we hold ourselves is a direct result of our history and life experience; body type is a result of the environment […]

Introduction to Working with Survivors of Childhood Abuse

This is a challenging and emotive topic which is not generally covered in most training courses. And yet many of our clients come with these issues, or they emerge during therapy.

It is intended that this workshop will provide an introduction and overview of the subject. Presentations and handouts will […]

Introduction to CBT in practice

This workshop will offer participants an opportunity to learn more about the basics of CBT, and how to use this in clinical practice. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the key principles of CBT, and some key strategies that are used when working within this model. There will […]

Introduction to Focusing 2 day Workshop

This 2 day workshop  is an introduction to Focusing comprising a mixture of theory, discussion and practice; it is mostly experiential. The emphasis is on sensing inwards, noticing the messages that our bodies are giving us, on presence and on self-acceptance. The understanding of process […]

British Focusing Association Certificate in Focusing Skills: Levels Two – Five

This Certificate is suitable for people who would like to continue with their Focusing journey, deepening personal insights and developing their Focusing and Companioning skills.

Debunking Gender 

Held on Sat 14th May 2016 

“To say that I am impressed with Madison’s ‘Debunking Gender & Gender Migration’ training is an understatement. I was very captivated with the information that was presented. It was a great combination of content and instruction very thought-provoking. Anyone and everyone can benefit from attending this training. Thank you so much for a great learning experience Madison & Tina!” Marina, Counselling Diploma student


8 Week Mindfulness Course

‘Mindful Pathway’ will be holding a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course at the Albany Centre starting on Thursday 7th April. The course will run each Thursday evening 7.30-9.30pm for 8 weeks + an all-day Saturday retreat. This practical 8 week course will equip you with meditation techniques and the tools for mindful living in a relaxed and friendly environment. They are offering a FREE course open evening and meditation taster on Thursday 10th March at 7.30-9pm so do come along to listen, practise and discuss. Please click here to register so they know numbers. For more info visit or contact Ruth Farenga