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Woodbridge Therapy Ltd provides specialist Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy for a wide range of Sexual and Relationship issues. Help is offered to both individuals and couples of any sexual orientation. We have a strong interest in helping couples to communicate more effectively in order to resolve their relationship difficulties. We also provide specialist Gender Counselling.

Psychosexual therapy is a talking therapy, aimed at helping the individual or couple to better understand themselves sexually. This is achieved through in-depth discussion of the presenting issues and influencing factors, to enable them to work through their problems. Some of the common sexual problems that we help our clients with are: disability, sexual identity issues, low sexual desire, orgasmic difficulties, vaginismus, painful intercourse (dyspareunia), erectile difficulties, ejaculation problems, compulsive sexual behaviour (sometimes referred to as sex addiction), and fetish and paraphilia.

Taking the positive step of seeking help for these issues with a specialist Psychosexual Therapist can help you to:-

  • Identify the problem more clearly
  • Understand what may be causing the difficulty
  • Help you to determine whether the problem could be emotional or physical (or both)
  • Set goals and identify a therapy programme to help guide you through your issues


Couples Therapy can help you and your partner to:-

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Rebuild intimacy
  • Reconnect
  • Re-establish trust
  • Learn problem-solving skills
  • Set relationship goals
  • Move forward together


Speaking with a Gender Counsellor you may be able to:-

  • Explore and gain greater understanding and clarity of your own or your partner’s gender identity
  • Discover what it means to consider transition
  • Gain clarity about the route to transition and the effect it may have on close family members, friends and work colleagues
  • Make informed decisions about what you may wish to do

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