Wholebody Focusing is a combination of the Alexander Technique and Focusing.  The Alexander Technique brings awareness of how to hold and move our body in a healthy balanced way which avoids causing physical damage.  Focusing offers a way of being with our body’s wisdom, of giving it accepting attention and a safe space for our experience on every level to unfold.  The combination of the two offers a powerful way of addressing problems which we hold in our body, of working with pain through our own inner wisdom rather than following someone else’s advice.

The practice of Wholebody Focusing entails bringing attention to the inside of our body, allowing the body to rest or move in the way that it wants to, being aware of our environment and its support, welcoming anything and everything which comes to our attention.

The workshop will include some theory, group experiential work and pair work where one person focuses and the other offers accepting and empathic accompaniment.

It is suitable for anyone new to focusing as well as experienced focusers.  Paula and Elizabeth both trained with Astrid Schillings and Paula also trained with Kevin McEvenue.’

Elizabeth trained on the MA in Focusing and Experiential Psychotherapy at the University of East Anglia and Paula trained as a focusing teacher with Ann Weiser Cornell;  both of us received a Focusing Trainer certificate from the Focusing Institute in New York. We are both members of the British Focusing Teachers Association and Accredited Counsellors with the BACP.
Paula and Elizabeth are Person-centred counsellors and supervisors. We find that Focusing increases our congruence, even when we are experiencing something very vague and difficult to grasp. It involves listening with a special quality of presence that is empathic and completely accepting.
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Trainers : Paula Newman and Elizabeth Smith

Date : 14th June 2013

Time : 10:00am – 4:00pm

Duration : 1 day workshop

Cost : £69.00
Payment must be made at the time of booking. Please complete the application form below and specify how you are paying under the ‘Your Message’ sectionPayment can be made by cheque (payable to The Albany Centre and sent to our address), or by BACS transfer (sort code 40-40-01, account 42200066).

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