The Art of Phenomenology by Manu Bazzano

The Art of Phenomenology
Manu Bazzano
“Our own body is in the world as the heart is in the organism” (Merleau-Ponty)
Who is the other?
Each one of us has a beating heart. And each one of us will die one day. On hearing this, what is your response?
One way of responding to the question is to attend more […]

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Sex and Gender written by Kirstie McEwan

“So.. were born as a man?”
A statement I hear all too often, and one that makes me cringe – not to say angry. Yes of course I was born in a
man’s body but as far as I am concerned I was then and always have been female.
Note the change in terminology man/female. It may seem […]

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Reincarnation and Past Life Regression written by Anjalee Carey

by Anjalee Carey
The notion of reincarnation is ancient and obscure, yet belief in it is prolific: it spans all continents and many societies and religions across known history and lives
to this present day as a philosophy incurring varying degrees of acceptance.
The earliest evidence of reincarnation is in the Hindu Vedic scriptures from several hundred […]

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Focusing written by Paula Newman

Focusing is a simple matter of holding a kind of open, non-judging attention to something which is directly experienced but is not yet in words. (Cornell and McGavin, 2002 pi).
Have you ever told someone how angry you are and felt that they are really listening to you? Perhaps your anger changes a little. That is […]

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A Psychosocial Approach to Cancer Care written by Marion Leslie

When considering the social context for working psychotherapeutically with clients who have cancer, by which I mean the facility, opportunity and availability to be able to share feelings, and experience a social network that is both supportive and empathic. This is obviously important throughout treatment, which can be frequently aggressive and mutilating; but equally […]

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Hypnosis: What Happens? – Part 1 written by David Owen

A shortfall of knowledge
Nearly everyone knows about hypnosis, but sadly, all too often our knowledge and experience is informed by stage hypnosis. Whilst stage hypnosis is “real”, it does not reflect the likely experience for most people because the stage hypnotist only selects that small percentage of people who go very deeply and naturally […]

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Hypnosis: What Happens? – Part 2 written by David Owen

The first time…
Do you remember learning to ride a bike? Did you notice that you reached a stage where the more you tried the more it seemed to go wrong?  There are few things that we have the natural aptitude and ability which allows us to progress and acquire competence quickly.
Whilst there are a […]

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