British Focusing Association Certificate in Focusing Skills: Levels Two – Five

Please note this course requires participants to have completed the Introduction to Focusing (two day workshop) either at The Albany Centre or elsewhere! Click for information.

The Certificate is suitable for people who would like to continue with their Focusing journey, deepening personal insights and developing their Focusing and Companioning skills. The training continues to […]

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Introduction to Focusing (two day workshop)

In this two day Introduction to Focusing, we will be bringing awareness to our bodies and appreciating our body’s wisdom. We will explore how to be in touch with deep feeling without becoming overwhelmed. Learning to sense inwards is at the basis of Focusing. During this Level One, the emphasis is upon noticing messages that your […]

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An Introduction to Counselling


Please email us to find out when we will be running this course again
Do you have an interest in counselling and wish to further your knowledge and personal development?
Are you thinking of training as a professional counsellor?
Are you seeking a career change or voluntary work, or returning to study?
Do […]

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Voice and Emotion

Is the voice the window to the psyche?
This workshop looks at how your client’s voice reflects what they are feeling and who they have become.
Our posture and how we hold ourselves is a direct result of our history and life experience; body type is a result of the environment we grow up in.
We will […]

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Whole Body Focusing

Wholebody Focusing is a combination of the Alexander Technique and Focusing.  The Alexander Technique brings awareness of how to hold and move our body in a healthy balanced way which avoids causing physical damage.  Focusing offers a way of being with our body’s wisdom, of giving it accepting attention and a safe space for our […]

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Focusing Level 3

2 day workshop
During Focusing Level Three, participants will have time to consider what they find helpful as Focusers. We will also be exploring the stages of a session, discovering how appropriate suggestions at each stage can facilitate listening inwards with acceptance, empathy and compassion. For the Companion, supporting the Focuser, it can be helpful to […]

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Understanding Trauma

One Day Workshop
Topics include: The historical context of trauma

Reactions to trauma
The experience of loss
Different types of trauma
The feelings involved in traumatic experience
Promoting recovery
Childhood trauma
Trauma in the military
Secondary trauma
Group work
Different types of therapy
Barbara Heath, Psychotherapist and Specialist in Trauma and PTSD
“Barbara provides a stimulating and challenging day”
For a recommended reading list to support […]

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Introduction to Working with Survivors of Childhood Abuse

This is a challenging and emotive topic which is not generally covered in most training courses. And yet many of our clients come with these issues, or they emerge during therapy.
It is intended that this workshop will provide an introduction and overview of the subject. Presentations and handouts will be used to provide factual […]

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Focusing Level 4

Level Four is an opportunity for students to explore difficulties which they encounter as Focuser and Companion. This includes occasions when their own Focusing feels blocked and times when they are Companioning and feel unsure about how to proceed.
Topics include understanding and working with the inner Critic and Focusing with symbols and images. On day […]

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A Day of Gestalt

‘I and Thou – Here and Now’
Gestalt is an exciting, creative form of therapy where the focus is on the here-and-now relationship between client and therapist. The aim is to raise awareness of fixed patterns, creating room for new experiences.  This day will focus on experiential exercises aimed to raise your awareness of your […]

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