Contact Information:

Phone: 07745220187 

I gained my qualification from Middlesex Uni. In 2003. My training was in the Person Centred Approach.

My main practice is in Harrow, where I have worked as the in-house Counsellor since 2001. I work for a charity which is a training centre for adults and young adults with varying learning difficulties. I am in the process of obtaining funding so that we can be a placement for the college counselling course. I aim to have students there for a specific time each year. I also have my private practice at my home in Borehamwood. In my years of working with people with learning difficulties, I have found that the P.C.A. has been effective for my clients, so I have incorporated some Gestalt Therapy into my practice, almost stumbling across something which has worked extremley well with this client group.

I believe that Counselling is all about my client being able to accept themselves as they truly are and not as others would want them to be.I trust in the clients organismic valuing process knowing what is right for itself and by offering the core conditions of Congruence, Empathy & Unconditional Positive Regard, I believe the client can locate their own compass to their unique way of being and living.

My fees are £40.00 per 50 min session.