Voice Coach/Speech & Language Therapist (BA Hons, DipCCS, Cert.MRCSLT, RegHCPC)

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  • A Voice for Richard (SLT Consultant to Yvonne Morley) (current)
  • Communication Consultant for Paul Mendelson’s Radio 4 play ‘I am I said’ (May 2010)




Voice Module (Feel Hot Yoga Teacher Training Programme, Watford) 

Each year I teach on Feel’s TTP; Nina Sebastiane’s trainees always have a good awareness of their own bodies and each cohort gets into breath work very easily. After a vibrant discussion about voices and accents, we go through a thorough warm-up, and then each student takes a turn to go through one asana in front of their fellow trainees.  Always an open-minded group, happy to discuss their strengths and weaknesses with projection, clarity and flow of explanations necessary to relax yogis into their practice in a yoga session. Thanks everyone!


Voice Awareness for Counsellors

I always enjoy running this session for students on The Albany Centre’s Diploma in Counselling programme in the beautiful setting of Green Park Activity Centre, Aston Clinton.

We start the session by addressing how the voice works, which involves running through a varied repertoire of vocal exercises and warm ups. My middle session looks at the voice of both therapist and client; in particular, counsellors need to be acquainted with how emotions physically affect the voice, breathing and speech of clients – how blocks occur in posture, speaking and the flow of breath because of feelings, and how these tensions arising in the throat and along the vocal tract manifest themselves and can be worked through. We also look at how counsellors can be aware of their own voices, speech and use of language. The final section covers other communication problems (stammering, deafness, aphasia following stroke, speech/voice problems generally and post surgery), and looking at how the voice ages, finishing with how to look after your voice effectively.

 ‘…..Amazing, interesting, (Pippa) oozed energy and passion – I loved every second’.     (Janet)




  • Voice and Stammering outpatient caseload (October 2001-September 2002 and December 2007-August 2013)
  • Head & Neck cancer caseload, Lead for Oro-Maxillo Facial (December 2007-August 2013)

Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital, London

  • Outpatient service for adults with hearing and voice problems following acquired profound hearing loss/cochlear implantation (September 2002-May 2007)


  • Co-ordinator of videofluoroscopy clinics and dysphagia service


  • Lead therapist for Voice Clinics (June 1992-July 1994)



Speech & Language Therapy Training

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Communication Studies, City University (1988 – 1990)
  • BA Hons Linguistics, Hull University (1984-1988)